About Us

Redefining the critical Eye care sector on the Indian heath landscape, Ekjyot Eye Hospitals is offering renewed hope to one and all with its niche expertise and ultra modern facilities. Inside just three years of our existence, we are benchmarking premium eye (health) care not for a privileged few but across all strata’s of our urban and rural populace, especially, the marginalized and deprived. What differentiates us from the rest is our sheer record on ground and the will to out-reach all and sundry. Our work and uncompromising dedication speaks for itself. Right from our existence in 2015, we performed highest number of surgeries in the cataract segment as against any competing group; this either completely free or at throw away costs.

The spirit of service & the compassion offered by Ekjyot and its professional team of experts has made this group a preferred choice of one & all, not just here in Punjab- where we are based but across the surrounding states of north India as well. And it didn’t stop here; our call of service has taken us beyond the frontiers of our country. Yes, you got it right: Ekjyot’s top eye surgeons recently received a special invitation all the way from the Government of Egypt to train their eye care specialists and ophthalmologist, given the niche expertise & experience that our specialist team of doctors has accumulated over the decades of their services in critical eye care domain.

Latest News

  • EKJYOT Opens its 11th EYE Hospital Branch in Bathinda at Power House Road. For More Information Contact @ 91151-001500.