Paediatric Ophthalmology

Child Eye Care : A Key need of your child that you can't afford to Ignore
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all children have their vision checked by a physician and those children with vision problems be referred to an ophthalmologist for further assessment.
Those with a family history of should be checked by an ophthalmologist by age Three.

Why Us ?

We have a sub-specialty of Ophthalmology concerned exclusively with eye diseases and vision care in children & infants. Your Child may be born with or may later develop eye disorders like cataracts, glaucoma, retinal and orbital tumors, or other problems. More commonly, children may need glasses to see more clearly or require surgical intervention for misaligned eyes (strabismus). In yet other cases, they may display poor visual development in one eye (Amblyopia) or may develop one among a dozen other disorders & diseases known to occur congenitally or at early age.

To handle this in its entirety, we at EKJYOT EYE Hospitals have designed & developed a cheering & friendly eye care facility at all our pediatric centers that welcomes young patients into a comforting world of reassuring smiles and renewed hope. These Pediatrics sections have a dedicated support staff trained to handle tender and young patients in a professionally qualified manner.

The centers provide comprehensive evaluation, consultation and proven treatments for all aspects of routine and complex pediatric eye disease & are backed up with all child-appropriate equipment to provide for a seamless eye care. Our skilled ophthalmologists are out to meet the expectations of every single visitor with quality service and individual attention. These centers have access to the extensive diagnostic resources of the Eye Center, and physicians consult and collaborate with appropriate subspecialists/ surgeons as and when needed, in the best interest of the patient.

We Treat !

  • Focusing and refractive errors, such as Nearsightedness, Farsightedness and Astigmatism
  • Retinal or Orbital Tumors & genetic disorders
  • Congenital conditions, such as childhood glaucoma
  • Childhood cataracts
  • Amblyopia and child and adult strabismus

The pediatric center at EKJYOT EYE Hospitals specialize in the management of congenital and juvenile acquired cataracts and glaucoma. Keeping in with the ethos of all our running hospitals , emphasis is placed on state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment coupled with a comprehensive follow-up, including monitoring vision development, preventing Amblyopia, fitting special pediatric aphakic contact lenses, and pediatric intraocular lens implantation.

Specialized techniques such as adjustable strabismus sutures, Botox, self-closing "no stitch" conjunctival incisions and "one stop" combined procedures with other ophthalmic specialists are also available to maximize treatment success and patient comfort.

The bottom-line in all our professional endeavors remains to earn and maintain that crucial patient's trust and bond which makes EKJYOT EYE Hospitals a distinct entity in Eye care segment; one which is affordable to all without compromising the Quality health standards expected in a private set up.

Simultaneously, we are out on a parallel mission striving to eliminate avoidable blindness and restore sight in the poor needy sections of our society as well. Scores of free and subsidized mobile health clinics and camps are being set up from time to time across the north Indian states. These camps and health clinics witness a massive patient influx and have evolved as a corner stone of our public outreach initiative aimed solely for larger social welfare.

Health Tip

Studies reveal that about 80% of learning in a child's first 12 years comes through his eyes (sense of Vision). Children are generally not aware of their vision disorders and mostly grow with this. A periodic eye check up and an in-time diagnosis can help prevent many common eye disease/ disorders in children and infants; thus contributing for a healthy & bright tomorrow!